Why are you here?

Welcome to Australia’s only supply-side analysis tracking B2B trade and liquidity published quarterly.


We recognised a gap in the analysis of Australia’s economy, where traditional sources of commentary focused primarily on demand and consumer-centred data, while business-to-business trading relationships, working capital, and liquidity were overlooked.

Considering the economy is comprised of multiple overlapping sector supply chains, and Earlytrade owns and operates the largest B2B liquidity marketplace in Asia Pacific, we decided to leverage our data to fill the gap.

Initially produced for investors and close partners, Earlytrade now provides public access to the Earlytrade Supply Chain Scorecard to support business leaders with actionable supply-side data and analysis.

What you’ll get:

  • Detailed quarterly analysis dissecting macro themes

  • Unique data-driven insight into B2B liquidity supply and demand

  • Analysis of emerging supply chain strategies, innovative ESG solutions, and productivity-focused technology trends

  • Actionable insight to support decision-makers

About Earlytrade

Operating a liquidity marketplace of nearly 100,000 buyers and suppliers, Earlytrade is the largest of its kind in Asia Pacific. Earlytrade’s verticalised fintech SaaS solutions have been recognised as the most innovative in Australia, for leadership in sustainability, and as a top new contech solution.


Supply chain insights from the largest working capital network in Asia Pacific.